Katherina L. “KARIN” BOBIER

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Katherina L.


November 22, 1967, Tucson, AZ – August 21, 2019, Binghamton, NY

Some of us are different- uniquely good, kind and wise. Before she turned ten years old, long before the popularization of the idea, Karin chose to be a vegetarian and that commitment became a lifelong devotion from which she never wavered. Eventually, she evolved into a vegan; it was a choice she made out of respect for life, all lives. As a child she was drawn to animals, but particularly the little ones, the less glamorous monsters, those that most shun. Her mother quickly learned to always check her daughter’s pockets prior to washing her clothes as she was often startled by the rescued newts, snails, or worms Karin was fostering. If someone happened upon a snake, Karin would fearlessly place it in a safer environment to negotiate a better way for both people and creature to coexist, a task she performed to this day. A carpenter ant recently wandered across the garden settee and she saved it, arguing for the ant’s right to thrive in the natural world.

And oh, the effort and perseverance she put into building her garden; from conception to climbing into an excavator and carving it out of the hill, she created a sanctuary to behold, a place to find peace.
From Orb, Jumping and Daddy Long-leg Spiders to the occasional field mouse, spunky squirrel, playful chipmunk, to the flock of wild birds she nurtured and the feeder rats she rescued that became her pets, all creatures large and small were given safe harbor. She even tended the blueberry and strawberry bushes long after each had been mysteriously stripped of fruit so they might flower again and bring forth fresh yield to whatever was most in need. And she would marvel as the massive groundhogs, “the Majestics,” (when they stood upright), lumbered in to graze on the purposefully planted wildflower lawn, ever entertained by their jiggling haunches and human-like ears. It made sense for her to complete a bachelor’s in biology from Binghamton University, it was the world where she lived and lucubrated, a subject that she loved.

As a teenager Karin developed a fierce independence, strong will and resolve; she had grit. Wanting a vehicle of her own, she worked diligently, saved and bought an old, white ‘81 Corolla hatchback. It was an accomplishment she reminisced about fondly, even years later; but she joked, she didn’t really know how to drive a manual transmission. So, with a lot of persistence, she taught herself how to operate a standard shift vehicle through trial, stalling and then, success. As an adult, needing but unable to secure a plumber, she learned how to solder copper with good clean joints that could be left on display with pride. Custom furniture was never really a financial possibility, so she would study, think through, muster the patience and find a way and make real what few could even imagine, becoming a skilled craftswoman who created elegant, fine pieces that lasted. Computer problems posed little issue; Karin could always meticulously work out the kinks to aid family and friends. Unable to find a wedding dress that appealed to her sophisticated personal style, she put pen to paper, designed, then constructed a one off, wholly exclusive piece made of such delicate materials, most parts needed hand stitching and it took her months to complete. Ah, the vision she presented wearing it that day, in September 2000; she belonged to another world, one of wonder and magic, a better, more beautiful place.

To those fortunate enough to find themselves kept close, they knew the depth and magnanimity of her affection was boundless. Always reserved, naturally shy and self-conscious, it was the little gestures, the well thought out gift, the gentle hand on the shoulder, an honest hug that said so much, simple words spoken at just the right time to lift and reinvigorate a forlorn spirit and should she shed a tear, the world melted around her. It was the way she cared, always reliable, steady and willing to give of herself. To see and witness how she cherished the pooches; doting over Obi “the boy faced dog,” her most devoted minion, willing to defend her with every ounceof his twelve pounds; weeping for Lola lost too early to epilepsy; the lengths to which she went caring for 19 year old Ivan, gentle spirit and loyal companion, procuring or constructing wheel chairs, building beautiful ramps, installing cameras to watch when away, so he might have a more dignified senior life. And lucky parrot Chick, whose intense and complex emotions often resulted in Karin sustaining serious injuries over his long 28 years; she always forgave, reacting with hard-fought empathy, tempered mettle and a heartfelt determination to give him a forever home, which is rare for his kind. All this and so much more, gone in an instant, forever lost in time.

On Wednesday, August 21, 2019, a tragic workplace accident took place at 73 Decatur Street in Binghamton NY. Karin, a NYSEG analyst, was working at the site and was struck by her unoccupied utility van. Police, Fire and EMS response was swift but nothing could be done to save her. To all those who heeded her cries, came to her aid and tried, thank you.

Now a great void has erupted in life, keenly felt by all; her loss leaves this world a darker, smaller place... wait in the place between waking and dreaming, darling; all my love, always and forever.

Karin is predeceased by her father, William (Bill) Bobier and her latest gang of canine companions, Lola, Obi and Ivan.

Karin is survived by her husband of 18 years, partner for over 21 years, Hadrian Marsh, of Vestal; her mother, Johanna (Anky) Mutsers Bobier, of Endicott; brother, Alan Bobier, his wife, Margaret and their daughters Catharina and Sophia; brother Daniel Bobier, his wife, Tina and their children, Cameron and Ashley; father-in- law Thomas Marsh and his wife, Judith; mother-in-law, Kathleen Marsh; brother-in-law, Aaron Marsh, his wife, Nidaa and their daughter Anaya; brother-in-law Severyn, his wife, Jill and their daughter Madeline; sister- in-law, Sydney Wade, her husband, Nelson and their children Nora and Dexter; sister-in-law Whitney Williams, her husband, Michael and their son Hemington; sister-in-law Mary Bennett and her husband, Ron.

A gathering of friends will be held at:
Riverdale Banquet Hall, 2901 Watson Blvd., Endwell, NY, from 4PM-8PM on September 14, 2019.